Overness Points Award System

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Overness Points Award System

Post by TK Kenta on Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:53 pm

- Wrestler's push and wins depend on your Overness


TV Shows:
Win: 2 overness points
Lose: 0 overness points
Draw: 1 overness point each wrestler

TV Show Main Event:
Win: 3 overness points
Lose: 1 overness point
Draw: 2 overness points each wrestler

Win: 4 overness points
Lose: 2 overness point
Draw: 3 overness points each wrestler

PPV Main Event:
Win: 5 overness points
Lose: 3 overness points
Draw 4 overness points

TV Show RP:

Great RP: 3 overness points
Good RP: 2 overness points
Passable RP: 1 overness point
Below Par RP: -1 overness point


Great RP: 4 overness points
Good RP: 3 overness points
Passable RP: 2 overness points
Below Par RP: 0 overness points

Overness Takeover:
If a wrestler beats another that has more overness then they do, then they will automatically have the same amount of overness.


Wrestler loses 3 overness points per week of inactivity.

Over Exposure:

To avoid players sending in a lot of crap RPs just to get OPs, a maximum of 3 appearances is needed per show (excluding match appearance) if the player exceeds, he gets -1 overness point for the first RP over, -2 for the next and so on..
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